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Winter Wedding Details You’re Going to Fall in Love With

Winter Bridal Hair and Makeup

Of course, summer weddings are cool and all, but there is something extremely romantic and beautiful about winter weddings as well. Is it the coldness, the snowflakes that makes it all so special? We can’t tell. However, we can give you some ideas that will help you make your winter wedding even more special.


Winter decorations   

Decorations add that festive cheer to a winter wedding. From simple pine cones all the way to crafty cakes, these simple and inexpensive ideas will definitely change the complete look of the wedding.

What is the first thing you think of when you think about winter? That’s right – pine cones. You can use them as card holders, garlands, table and even wedding cake decorations. If you want that extra festive feeling, spray them with gold or silver spray, depending on the overall decoration of your venue.

Next, you can turn the wine glasses into stunning pillar candle holders with just a little bit of metallic silver or metallic gold spray. And if you already have candle holders, you can mix and match them freely.

Another way to add festive character to the place is by decorating the chairs with ribbons, glitter cut outs, rustic pine cones, or even some greenery.



When it comes to winter weddings, lighting is the single most important décor element. The quality of your photos, atmosphere after the sun goes down and overall illumination of the venue depends on the right choice of bulbs and candles. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t have a little bit of fun with it, right? And what is the most fun form of artificial light out there? Exactly – fairy lights. Let your imagination and inspiration do the job for you. You can opt for a ceiling of fairy lights, pair them with greenery, place them on the walls, in the corners, on the floor etc.


Getaway car

Since there is a big chance it will snow on your wedding day and also be very cold, make sure you don’t forget to hire a wedding car service and decorate your getaway vehicle with cute winter details such as pine branches, red ribbons, golden glitter garnishes etc. Get to your venue comfortably, romantically and with style.


Winter cocktails for warming up

Sure, you can sip martinis any time you want, but sipping a drink specially designed for cold months is a completely different story. You can serve your guests a New York Sour – which is a classic whiskey sour with a red wine float, a winter margarita – which is a traditional margarita with the addition of an egg white and mescal, a champagne cocktail that will elevate the pomp of your traditional champagne glass or an aged rum daiquiri. Both you and your guests will enjoy these thick but refreshing beverages.


Winter bake

The best thing about winter wedding cakes is that they are super festive and give you countless possibilities. If you are getting married around New Year’s Eve, you can garnish your cake with a glittery gold frosting, or you can decorate it with pine cones, greenery and ribbons if your wedding is around Christmas, for example.


Your wedding dress


The perfect winter wedding dress is the one that is stylish, practical and keeps you warm. If you’ve chosen a short dress, make sure you put on some chic stockings or tights that will keep your legs warm. Accessorize your bandeau or spaghetti-strapped dress with a faux fur bolero that looks elegant, luxurious and keeps you warm all the time.

When it comes to shoes, we all know that wedding shoes are all about sparkle and decadence. Opt for closed toe shoes with a discreet embellishment such as crystals or white feathers, and make sure they are comfortable enough to get you through the entire night without any pain.

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