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Wedding Photos You Need to Try

As a bride to be, you know that to do lists and checklists are your best friend. I used to have an entire section of my fridge covered with post-its while we were in the middle of planning: pink for bridal, blue for groom, yellow for venue, and green for photographs. When we first sat down to plan our W Day, I thought the dress and the band would be the toughest to choose. Turns out, it was the photographer!

We looked at a bunch of portfolios, and all I kept thinking was how every wedding looked the same. Luckily, we were able to find Keith, who took the best pictures ever, and who had a proper sit-down with us, and gave us about a zillion ideas for pictures, and we also had our own list of ideas (on the green post-its), so here are some of them.

Remember that in order to look your best in every frame, you need to hire professionals to do your hair and makeup. You may think you can do it alone, or that you can trust a friend to do it, but that is simply not the case. Find the right artists, who will make your vision a reality, and help you be the most glorious bride, and look great in all the snaps, including:

Pet central


If you have a cat, a dog, or even a goldfish, why not take a few images with them? It may not be the obvious choice, but these pics can be very adorable and sweet. For instance, I had this thing about having our cat in a picture (my husband proposed by tying the ring to the cat’s collar, and it took me about 15 minutes to realize it was there), so we made sure we had 15 minutes to make Mex stay still and look at the lens.

A photo booth

I know a lot of people are doing it, but you can make it all your own! We went back and forth about it, but the photo booth we ended up renting turned up some of the best images of the entire night! Make sure the costumes reflect your wedding, your group of friends, the way you are with each other. As my lord husband is the hugest fan of George Martin in the world at this point, we had our guests decked out in A Song of Ice and Fire costumes.

A city to play in

Bridal Styling


Wherever you live, I find it’s a great idea to have a photo session in your favorite parts of town. Not just where every other couple gets photographed, but where you two like to hang out, be it a bus stop, a café, a restaurant, a park, anything. Where you met, where you kissed, taking a few snaps there can be a great choice.

The venue itself

Make sure to tell the photographer to take some images of the venue, the food, the invitations, the flowers, and every other small detail they can think of, while it’s all being set up. These kinds of images can be great to look back on later, especially as you won’t be able to see these preparations in real time.

Get ready with me

Bridal Party Getting Ready

You also shouldn’t miss out on having pictures taken of both of you getting ready. You and the bridal party will naturally be having more fun, with the makeup, your own glam squad, the dresses and flowers, so make sure all of this is captured in time. Some snaps of the dress itself, a few of you getting all dolled up, you know what I mean. Meanwhile, the groom and his groomsmen should also be photographed, while they slip into ties and suits. My groom wore tails and a stiff collar for the ceremony, and there’s this picture we have where he has no idea how to tie a bowtie, which I love.

Party central

Asian Cultural Wedding Hair Styling

Finally, once the dancing gets really under way, the photographer can just go nuts – dance moves frozen in time are some of the funniest and most elegant pictures at the same time, and you will have a lot of fun looking at them years later. An experienced photographer is excellent at people-watching, and they will know whom to shadow on the dance floor.

A selfie in the making

One final thing though – make sure you take a selfie the first chance you get to be alone after the vows. A lot of emotion can be bottled up with that single click, and you will want to keep that photo on your desktop forever.


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