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Tips for Getting Your Beauty Sleep the Night Before Your Wedding

On your wedding day, you want to look and feel your best. Getting sufficient sleep the day before will ensure that you’re feeling energized and looking rested. You can then perfect your bridal look with hair and makeup services from a professional like Beautiful Brides Philly. The average adult should get seven to nine hours of sleep per night. However, clocking that bare minimum can be tricky if you have pre-wedding-day jitters. Read on for some tips on how to make sure you get the rest you need.

Create a dark and quiet sleep space.

Take measures to eliminate excess light and noise from your sleeping space. According to the Sleep Foundation, darkness allows the brain’s pineal gland to produce melatonin, which causes drowsiness. Light slows the production of melatonin, leaving you alert. To keep street sounds or other noises from interrupting your slumber, invest in a sound machine. New York Magazine has a list of recommended products, rated on the basis of characteristics like affordability and usability.

Invest in some comfortable sleepwear.

Treat yourself to some cozy sleepwear before the big day. Bedtime clothes made of soft and breathable fabrics will help minimize nighttime sweating and ensure your comfort. Do your research before buying, checking out customer reviews and buyer’s guides. Davy Piper offers pajamas and nightgowns that are both stylish and comfy. Cute nighties can also make a lovely gift for your bridesmaids.

Avoid digital devices before bed.

Like many people, you may spend the hours before you fall asleep watching television or scrolling through your phone. Try to avoid electronics the night before your wedding. These gadgets emit blue light, which can interfere with a decent night’s rest. As Harvard explains, blue light disrupts your body’s natural circadian rhythm — the biological clock that controls wakefulness and sleeping. Instead of reaching for your phone, tablet, or computer, opt for a book instead.

Skip the booze the night before.

Many people assume alcohol helps them sleep better. While the substance is a depressant and can leave you feeling drowsy, it ultimately interferes with the quality of your sleep. Psychology Today reveals that alcohol disrupts circadian function, interfering with the natural sleep-wake cycle. Studies even show that alcohol intake reduces the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep.

Reduce stress with physical activity.

Stress produces adrenaline, which will leave you tossing and turning at night. Since you’re probably feeling nervous before the big day, it’s important to proactively tackle stress. Exercise is a great stress-buster and can help ensure you’re feeling sufficiently tired at day’s end so that you drop off easily. Grab your bridesmaids and enjoy a workout together the day before your wedding. Style Me Pretty offers a list of fitness-focused ideas for bachelorette parties, from dancing to barre workouts.

Take a warm bath before bed.

After your action-packed workout, conclude your day with a warm bath. NPR explains that a hot tub before bed can help you sleep better. The activity will raise your core body temperature slightly. As your body temperature subsequently cools, you’ll likely start to feel tired. To maximize the impact, take a bath with essential oils or scented candles. Aromatherapy research published in Burns, the journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries, reveals that scents like chamomile and lavender can reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.

It’s normal to feel butterflies in your stomach the night before your wedding. However, the last thing you want is for those jitters to keep you from sleeping, leaving you exhausted for your big day. Follow the above tips to get the beauty rest you need. Beautiful Brides Philly is committed to helping every bride look and feel her best on her big day. Our skilled team of friendly professionals offers on-location hair and makeup services throughout the Philadelphia tri-state area. Find out more about our services online.

Dana Persia

Owner of Beautiful Brides Philly

Dana invites industry pros to contribute to her blog along with writing many of the posts herself.  She is a licensed esthetician and has been a professional makeup artist for over 20 years.  Bridal beauty is her specialty and her blog includes every aspect of wedding planning.

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