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Great Gag Gifts for Junior Groomsmen

Photo:  Ashley Errington

Junior groomsmen and bridesmaids are a wonderful addition to the wedding party and a great way to include older kids and teenagers that are important in your life. While they may not have many serious duties at the wedding—although older junior groomsmen might enjoy a role as an usher or similar—they should still feel special in whatever their role is on your big day.

Along with that, of course, comes gifts. Just as you want to give your groomsmen gifts that show them you were thinking of them, you want to do the same for your junior groomsmen. A funny gag gift can be a perfect way to complement the light-hearted nature of their role in the wedding while making them feel special.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of junior groomsmen gifts, appropriate for younger groomsmen that will give them a laugh and maybe even provide you with some funny photo ops for the wedding! From silly socks to kitschy retro shades, we’ve got something for even the most taciturn teenager on your wedding party list. And of course, many of these gifts are customizable, so they’ll have an awesome, personalized memento of your wedding.

1.      An Age Appropriate Brewsky

If you’re a beer fanatic and your adult groomsmen are too, you’ll probably spring for some beer related groomsmen gifts. But what about your little bros? Or, for that matter, the occasional groomsman that doesn’t indulge?

Don’t worry—you don’t have to leave the junior groomsmen out (or break any laws) with this whimsical Jelly Belly Draft Beer Bottle. This mini beer bottle is filled with jelly beans that taste like draft beer—if draft beer was a sweet candy anyway! They’re so tasty you might want to order a few extra; they’re a perfect “anytime” gift too., Jelly Belly Draft Beer Bottle, $2.99

2.      A Serious Gift With a Silly Twist

Maybe you don’t want to go full-on silly with your junior groomsmen gifts, and that’s okay too. With the incredible personalization options out there, you don’t have to! This wallet and keychain gift set offers you the perfect balance—a “grown up” gift in the form of their first leather wallet, along with a dapper, customizable keychain.

If you want to give it a silly twist, instead of customizing the keychain with the name of your wedding, why not have it engraved with an inside joke or nickname for your little buddy? This gift set hits all the notes, from making them feel like a “real” groomsman, to sharing a chuckle with the groom., Personalized Leather Wallet & Keychain Groomsmen Gift Set, $34.03

3.      Sock it to ‘Em

This isn’t just a funny gift that’s guaranteed to make them smile, it’s also a great photo opportunity! And it doesn’t have to be for junior groomsmen either—your senior groomsmen will dig it too. Custom socks! Choose a funny saying and a funnier picture and tuck these into your groomsmen’s gifts as a hilarious wedding favor. You can make each set unique, or choose a single funny design for your whole groomsmen line up; it’s really up to you!

They make for a great wedding photo op prop, too! A wedding party line up with cuffed trousers showing off this fun footwear will give you smiles for years to come., Custom Socks, $8.00


4.      Made in the Shade

Another awesome choice for a too-cute groomsmen photo op—custom retro sunglasses. Your groomsmen are your real-life posse, right? Might as well dress like it, right? Show your junior groomsmen that they’re your “made men.”

These shades can be customized for the occasion and are the perfect way to advertise what a bunch of cool dudes you are. Appropriate for all ages! (And kind of extra adorable when they’re a little too big), Real Metallic Print Wedding Sunglasses, $1.59

5.      A Sweet Treat

If your full-sized groomsmen are getting a box of cigars as their favor, why not get your bite-sized groomsmen a similarly themed snack? Morke’s Chocolates delivers the perfect option—a box of 10 solid chocolate cigars labeled “thank you.” They’re available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate to accommodate all tastes. They’re a good option for any grown-up groomsmen who don’t smoke cigars, too!

You can also order these cigars individually, if you just want to include them as an extra favor with another gift., Chocolate Cigars and Cigar Box, $42.95


So, you see, it’s not that hard to shop for your mini-me groomsmen; you just have to think outside of the box a little! Have a good time with it, and you’ll guarantee that your junior groomsmen have a good time at your wedding.

Consider thinking of some other ways to make them feel like a real part of the wedding crew, like an all-ages pre-gaming bachelor party with snacks and video games, or a bachelor paint balling session. There are lots of ways to include junior groomsmen in the festivities, and you’ll be glad you did.

After all, making fun memories with the people who are important to you is really what this special day is all about and one of the best ways to do that is to share a laugh together. 

Guest Blogger:  Emma Miller, Founder, Vow To Be Chic


Dana Persia

Owner of Beautiful Brides Philly

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