Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Trial Prep Sheet for a complete list of what you should bring to your consultation.

Payment Questions

We accept cash, check, Venmo, as well as Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex. (There is a 3% processing fee for credit cards.)

No. As the bride you pay all deposits and final balances, and it is your responsibility to garner payment from your bridal party.

As would for any salon service, it is suggested that you tip your artists at least 18-20% of your service fees for both trial and wedding day services. Cash only on Venmo please! For day-of services, a separate envelope for each stylist is very helpful and much appreciated. For parties of 16 services or more, a 20% gratuity will be added to the bride’s final contract.

Other Questions

We will travel up to one hour from your stylists’ home. Standard travel is $15 per staff, which covers tolls and travel within 40 miles to and from staff’s home base. Extended travel is per staff at $1.00 per mile after 40 miles roundtrip.

We use professional grade cosmetics that are held to the highest standards. A bride’s makeup needs to be sweat, tear and smudge proof as well as camera ready. Each of our artists have personal preferences on their cosmetics of choice, but brands such as Make Up Forever, MAC, IT Cosmetics, Ben Nye, Nars, Urban Decay, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown are staples in each of our kits. We would also be happy to apply any cosmetics that you personally own.

“Traditional” makeup is the process of custom mixing foundation and using brushes and other tools to apply the products. Traditional makeup is the easiest way to control the amount of coverage for your special skin needs. When you think “traditional,” think liquid, cream and powder foundations. Airbrush makeup is makeup utilizing an airbrush machine, which breaks down the makeup into small particles and shoots it out of an airbrush gun using compressed air. Airbrush makeup is quick and is great for use in tattoo coverage. Airbrush makeup is good for those who want light coverage to medium coverage. It is a great option for summer brides when heat and humidity are high. Airbrush makeup comes in both silicone and alcohol-based formulas, and your makeup artist will choose which formula is best for you. 

We have a team of up to 15-20 stylists on staff ready and able to handle your large bridal party. We will assign lead artists and assistant artists at our discretion.

A typical time to receive your timeline is 30 days prior to the wedding day.  For special circumstances, we will provide you with a timeline a bit earlier but understand we cannot send out timelines too far in advance because the details more than likely have not been finalized and timelines take a bit of work and organization. Click here to see a sample wedding day timeline.

The average bridal party requires four-five hours with you and your party.  For smaller parties your team may not need that much time. Each party is unique!

We do offer a premium touch-up service which is priced separately. This we would need to know before your trial as the rates you were originally quoted may turn into a “day rate” pricing structure if you require a full day of your stylist(s) time. Again, each party is unique so please discuss this at your trial.

For any question not answered here, please email us direct.