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Bridal Beauty Prep for the Big Day

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It’s nearly your wedding day and it’s prime time to think about how to prepare your look for the big day. And it’s never too early to start thinking about it, because real change, the one that comes from within, is not about a crash diet, a quick-fix procedure or miracle cream, it’s about a lifestyle. And what better time to make some changes in your lifestyle than when you’re joining your life with someone else’s? So let’s see what steps you need to take in order to get the perfect look.

Visit a Specialist Early

If you want to change your appearance for the better, and you want to do it safely and naturally, you need to think in advance. Whether it’s damaged hair, imperfections on the skin or something else, you need to start on time and allow your body to readjust. Consult an esthetician about the best practices and treatments to get even, smooth skin and a hair stylist on any treatments to strengthen your hair for the big day. You need to do this early because you can’t know your body’s reaction to your treatment, and quick-fixes never last. “Also, if you’re not already on a morning and evening skin routine, you should start the day you get the ring,” offers Dana Persia, esthetician, beauty guru and owner of Beautiful Brides Philly, a Philadelphia-based on-site hair and makeup company.  “Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliation are essential for beautiful, glowing skin,” adds Persia.  Just be cautious to do any new treatments, change products or go to a new specialist in the days right before your wedding, because a bad reaction can ruin your entire plan.


Hydrate Your Skin

The biggest reason for damaged skin, hair and nails is the lack of hydration. And not only that, but if you are dehydrated, you will have less energy – and the preparations won’t do themselves. Make sure you hydrate both in and out. Use good moisturizers, like those from Ultraceuticals, every day to pamper your skin and give it a glow. Carry around a water bottle with you at all times and if you keep forgetting to drink, set an alarm on your phone to remind you. Carry around a hand cream so that the ring has something soft to land on when you say “I do” and apply a hydrating cream or body milk all over your body after showering.

Have a Plan

A wedding isn’t something you do on the fly. It is months, or even years, of meticulous planning and strategizing. And in the week before the wedding, you want to do a lot of beauty prep, in a special order. Dyeing your hair or doing any permanent alterations should be done one week in advance to leave time for adjustment. Manicure and pedicure, depending on what kind of work you do and how long they will last, should be done anywhere from three days in advance to the day of. Waxing, plucking and any other hair removal should be scheduled for two days before the ceremony, to make sure the redness goes away, or if you are only shaving, the night before will do just fine. Hairstyle, makeup and any other procedures that don’t last need to be done on the day of the wedding, but make sure you schedule a rehearsal a couple of weeks earlier, to see if you really like the look.

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Find the Perfect Look

Every bride looks amazing on her wedding day, but you’re not any of those brides, you’re your own person and you need your own style. If you are going to do your makeup yourself, plan a look at least a month in advance and practice it every week. The day of the wedding, don’t use any new products or change the look. If you are getting a professional to do it, then just one rehearsal will do the trick, and you can make any necessary alterations then. The same goes for your hairstyle, unless you are doing something drastic–like cutting off six inches right your wedding–which might not be the best idea if you’ve never done it before. Either way, you want to find stylists whom you trust, whose portfolios you like and who are available on the date. “Do your research, read testimonials and get a few personal referrals when choosing your day-of hair and makeup team,” states Persia. “And most of all—make sure the company or artist you hire offers a rock-solid contract, Persia adds.

Sure, you groom has seen you at your best and at your worst, and so have your friends and family, but the wedding look isn’t for them: it’s for you. You deserve to look and feel like a queen because that is exactly what you are, on your wedding day and any other day.


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Dana Persia

Owner of Beautiful Brides Philly

Dana invites industry pros to contribute to her blog along with writing many of the posts herself.  She is a licensed esthetician and has been a professional makeup artist for over 20 years.  Bridal beauty is her specialty and her blog includes every aspect of wedding planning.

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