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A Complete Guide To Wedding Flowers

There are many details you need to keep in mind when planning your wedding, and flowers are definitely one of them. They come in many types, shapes, and colors, and can be used for anything from your venue décor to your bouquet. If you could use some inspiration when it comes to such details, here’s everything you need to know about wedding flowers.

Decide on the Theme

First off, deciding on your theme before dealing with the flower-related details will make everything much easier. Knowing your theme will help you choose the right type of flowers, colors, and even the amount; minimalistic themes will naturally require fewer details than elaborate luxurious themes. It’s also a good idea to do a bit of research before meeting your florist. Knowing the basics about the most popular wedding flowers and their characteristics will definitely make the job easier for your florist. Plus, you won’t feel completely lost when discussing different ideas.


The Flower Girl

Traditionally, the flower girl is supposed to walk down the aisle before the bride does and gently scatter flower petals from her basket onto the ground. So, if this is something you want to include in your wedding ceremony, makes sure to provide your flower girl with fresh flower petals, which should also match your wedding theme in terms of color. She could also wear a couple of flowers in her hair, or – if you want her to be a part of your ceremony but not scatter the petals – she could carry her own smaller flower bouquet.

Aisle Runner

If you’re planning on holding your wedding ceremony outside, consider adding a bunch of flower petals along the aisle. You can place them in clusters or in some more interesting design that is guaranteed to draw everybody’s attention and emphasize your grand entrance even more. Plus, if you’re not into the idea of having a flower girl, this option would allow you to still have flower petals at your wedding, just in a bit different way.

The Bouquet

Assuming that you’re going to carry a bouquet down the aisle, it’s a good starting point for discussing flowers with your florist because it will most likely be the focal featured in the majority of your wedding photos. When discussing the type of flowers that you want to use for the bouquet, consider beautiful silk flowers – they are unique, and they can be in any color you wish, so you can easily match them with any theme. After you decide on your own bouquet, you can move on to the bouquets for your bridesmaids, which don’t have to be exactly the same as yours, but they should complement it in some way.


Traditionally, corsages are flowers worn on the shoulders or wrists of the mothers and grandmothers of the happy couple. If you want to implement this idea into your own wedding, the same rules apply as for the bride’s flower bouquet – they should match the overall wedding theme. However, they should also set apart the two different sides of the family, so you could perhaps pick a slightly different color shade for each side.

Altar Arrangements

If you want to create a really spectacular background worthy of your vows, consider decorating your wedding altar with beautiful flower arrangements. You can place them around the altar, or you can even hang them from it. Moreover, if you want to go the extra mile, you could also ask your florist to create a wall covered with flowers – it would be perfect for your wedding photos since it is bound to leave everybody in awe.

Everybody can agree that flowers are an essential part of the wedding ceremony, since they make everything much brighter and more romantic. The best thing about them is that there are many ways of incorporating them into your wedding, so whether you want them to be a part of your outfit or a part of the décor, they are guaranteed to make your wedding ceremony memorable.

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