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7 Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles You’ll Absolutely Love!


Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life! You’ll look back on your wedding photos and videos, think about the butterflies you had in your stomach, the way you kissed your groom and how absolutely stunning you looked!

Every woman wants to reflect perfection on her wedding day. This can sometimes put a lot of pressure on an already stressed out bride. But one of the most important lessons every woman needs to learn is that she is beautiful and special just the way she is. But that’s another topic. We are here to discuss bridal hairstyles. When it comes to choosing the right hairdo for the ceremony, it can get as tough as choosing the right dress! On your wedding day think of yourself as an upgraded you – choose a hairdo you know will reflect who you are, just a little fancier!

Ahh, the classic and elegant twisted chignon! This is probably one of the most worn hairstyles on the aisle. It has a Grace Kelly kind of elegance and refinement to it. Especially if you add a few pearly Scunci hair clips or some wonderful rhinestone bobby pins to your updo. Speaking of Grace Kelly, you too will become a princess for the day with your beautiful white gown and pearly hair clips in your timeless chignon.

bridal hair with side braid and veil

If you are a kind of gal who loves braids and think they are romantic and dreamy, then a fishtail braid is the right hairdo for you. Braids actually have a really interesting history that can be quite symbolic for your wedding day.

The legend says that braiding your hair means that you have a oneness of thought and when you tie it you are securing it. This can translate to your decision to marry your man. Accessorizing your hair with a few flower pieces will bring the look even more significance.

Professional Mother of the Bride Makeup
Kulp Family Photography

This has to be one of the simplest yet refined looks of all time. A low ponytail speaks of elegance, grace and has a touch of girly naivety to it. Every girl wore ponytails when going out to play or when visiting family friends or relatives.

You just accessorized your hair with a few sweet butterfly or colorful clips, a scrunchie or a special hair tie and you looked perfect. You can channel these naive and sweet vibes with a low pony with some small daisies or a big and beautiful flower crown for a complete look.

We talked about the symbolism behind the braids above. Having multiple braids especially knotted together demonstrate strength in unity! How cool is that? If you love wearing your hair down and feel most comfortable that way, your wedding day shouldn’t be an exception. On the contrary, this is the day you should feel special, loved and relaxed.

This can be a great look for women who don’t want to do anything spectacular with their hair but want it to look a little more special. These half up knotted braids can be the perfect solution especially when you think about the symbolism behind it.

Bridal Hair Cage Veil
Nina Perini Photography,

If you love everything that is vintage and get sad when you realize that you don’t live in the ‘40s or ‘50s then vintage curls will do the trick for you. Maybe you aren’t a particular fan of this era and just like the look because it’s classy and elegant. If you want to feel like a ‘40s Hollywood diva this is definitely the right hairdo for you.

Vintage curls are pretty simple to make and any experienced hairdresser will make your hair look stunning in no time. We recommend you look up some old magazines or old movies starring Ava Gardner, Greta Garbo and Rita Hayworth. You’ll surely get instantly inspired.

Bride with long wavy hair
Benson Lau Photography,

The past couple of decades smooth curls have been the number one hairstyle on the red carpet. It probably all started with Victoria’s Secret models who have been rocking smooth curls on the runway for years now.

If you want to feel like a runway model or a beautiful Hollywood actress then smooth curls should absolutely be your top choice. They look really glamorous especially if you choose to put on some hair extensions to have some extra volume. All eyes will be on you no matter what and this hairdo will prove that.

If you are a laid back kind of woman who loves the sun, beach and ocean waves then the only logical thing to do is to make beach waves for your wedding ceremony. Especially if you are going to have your wedding on the beach, if not that’s also cool.

Bridal Party - four or less

Beach waves look absolutely stunning on medium and long hair whatever the color of your hair is. You can style it up with a few lovely hair pieces like some pearls, flowers or shells for a full Ariel getting married look!


Whatever hairstyle you choose for your wedding day it should be something that will represent to everyone who you are and what you love. This is your day! The day you get to tie the knot with the love of your life!


Guest Blogger:  Marta Gajin, Play Media,


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