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5 Ways to Personalize Your Bridal Shower


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Bridal showers are lots of fun, and they’re a very special occasion in your life. Your shower is a chance for you to kick back with the women who are the most important to you and celebrate and cherish your last few days of being single. It’s also an opportunity to glean words of wisdom, advice, and good wishes as you embark on the adventure of a lifetime with your marriage partner.

Here are five tips and ideas for personalizing your bridal shower, so that it becomes not just a party but an unforgettable day that you’ll treasure forever.



Do an Activity that You Really Love

Every bride is different, so your bridal shower can reflect what you love the most. Perhaps you’re the kind of girl that feels super loved and pampered when she goes to the day spa, so your bridal shower could be an at-home pamper session for you and your ladies. You could have a small team of friends and relatives help you to prepare foot baths, rose petals, essential oils, massage creams, and mani-pedi-kits, or you could simplify the preparations by hiring a professional to come and run the pamper session for you. To commemorate the occasion, spring for some personalized wine glasses to use during the shower – they are a great additional touch and will be something your girls are sure to love.

If you’re more of an artsy individual who likes to make things, consider having a jewelry-making bridal shower. Set up little kits with wire, beads, and jewelry-making tools, put on some relaxing background music, and sit around the table with your friends making pretty things and enjoying cake and tea.

Instead of holding your shower at home, you could meet in a park, at a café or tea room that’s special to you, or go to the beach or even camping. The trick is to think of a place where you feel relaxed and happy, and design your shower around that.


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Have a Fun and Easy Dress Code

For a bit of fun, ask your guests to wear a specific type of clothing or a special matching item. For a garden party, you might ask your ladies to come in floral dresses. For a beach party, everyone could wear swimsuits and cute wrap-arounds. If you’re heading out for a night in town, you could get matching robes to get ready in beforehand. If you prefer to stay in and have a slumber party and watch chick-flicks, comfortable sleepwear is an essential for the evening, and you could surprise your girls with beautiful matching eye masks.

The great thing about these outfits is that they aren’t expensive and are things most of your guests would already have. So if you’re mindful of your friends’ budgets, or your own, this is a great way to create special memories without spending top dollar.

Perhaps you want to do something fun but not go as far as setting a specific dress code. In that case, use a pamper party as an excuse for everyone to wear their most comfortable slippers, or provide matching tiaras for a tea party. When you look back at the photos of your shower, these fun touches will be sure to make you smile!


Let Each Guest Bring a Game

Here’s a great twist on the bridal shower game tradition: Get your guests to bring the games! There are multiple benefits to this idea.

The first benefit is that you don’t have to think of all the ideas. You can choose one game, and let your guests introduce you to fun games you might never have heard of before. The second benefit is that you don’t have to provide all of the materials. Bringing the necessary items for a game could be that person’s present, and then there’s less for you to buy beforehand. And the third benefit is that your guests get an opportunity to be more involved in your shower and add their own personalities and quirks to the occasion.

A few words of caution: Make sure that your guests are well organized beforehand with their games and that they arrive early to get set up. You might also want to have a few extra ideas on hand for if those guests have a last-minute emergency and can’t get there. Finally, set limits on the type of games guests can suggest if you want to keep things simple, short, or G-rated!



Have a Quiz about the Bride-to-Be and a “Words of Wisdom” Book

If you’re a sucker for warm-and-fuzzies and really love to go a bit deeper, consider having a quiz about the bride and a “words of wisdom” book.

Quizzes are a great way to personalize your shower and enjoy a little time in the sun. Prepare a short list of questions (ten is enough) about yourself. You could go funny, deep, or a mix of both. A fun twist on this game is to have your future spouse answer the same questions ahead of time and then read out their responses right after the guests have had their chance to guess, and right before you give your own answers.

A “words of wisdom” book is a blank book where your guests can write words of encouragement and advice as you head into married life. These can be funny or serious, and you can keep this book to read before and after the big day. You can even go back in the future, with some experience under your belt, and reflect on how these words have helped you, perhaps even discovering some ideas that now make more sense than they did before.


Bridal Shower Party Favors

Once it comes time to farewell your guests, send them off with a thoughtful party favor that they can treasure or that will be useful once they get home. For a personalized souvenir, you could send each lady home with a nice bottle of wine and a wine topper photo holder containing a photo of you and them together.

For something practical, you could wrap up a lovely natural face soap with some pretty cloth and a ribbon, and a personalized message. Other options are a pedicure-in-a-bottle, or a recipe jar with all the ingredients for making a decadent hot chocolate at home. After a wonderful time at your shower, your guests are sure to feel valued and appreciated with such thoughtful favors, and will carry the memories with them for a long time to come.


The Most Important Part of All

The most important part of personalizing your bridal shower into an unforgettable day is to not make it a chore. Pack that day with things you love doing, but not at the expense of having to do weeks of prep work that you won’t enjoy. Just sitting and talking somewhere is perfectly all right. Ultimately, there are only so many “activities” in the world. The true personalization comes from the one-of-a-kind bond between you and your friends.

Now that you’ve got your creative juices flowing with these tips, enjoy brainstorming for your bridal shower, have a wonderful time with your special ladies, and congratulations!


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